Buffalo Mountain Presbyterian Church

Construction of Buffalo Mountain Presbyterian Church took place during the summer of 1929. Men from the community cut trees and skidded them to the church site with oxen. They sawed oak for beams and poplar for siding, dug out the basement, and laid the foundation. Rev. Childress announced a contest to bring the prettiest quartz stone for the church walls. Buffalo Church elder J. M. Sutphin supervised the stonework. The beautiful stained glass windows were soon installed, and the new building was dedicated September 19, 1929. Rev. Childress’ pastorate there would last more than twenty years.

The Buffalo Mountain Cemetery is notable for its extensive quartz-fieldstone walls and its outstanding view of Buffalo Mountain in the distance, to the northeast.

~ Michael Pulice, DHR architectural historian, Western Region Preservation Office.

Buffalo Mountain Presbyterian Church
2102 Childress Road
Willis, VA 24380